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First work to be done with the “HEXELS” software ! 
Inspired by Etall's works, I choose to work with one of my favourite pokemon Volcarona.
Look how fluffy he is ! ( ´ ▽ ` )♥

Trixels are so cool, easy and fun~
I want to learn more about and make a lot of designs based on my favourite pokemons ! And why not opening a new style of commission…

Now available as cases, prints and more on my RedBubble !!

Volcarona © Pocket Monster
Pocket Monster © Game Freak
Art © Zakuuko

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well I could have told you that

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But first, let me take a selfie..


Ra Ra Riot || The Orchard Full Album

The record’s up-tempo singles rehash the band’s previous sound to slighter effect. The intentionally offbeat bass on “Boy” distracts, while “Too Dramatic” is anything but, its awkward rhymes sounding like parts of a melodic chain that’s missing a couple of links. The Orchard is best when Ra Ra Riot integrate plusher production into more natural arrangements. While the rangy, chugging motorik of “Massachusetts” and “You and I Know“‘s dusky balladry (sung by cellist Alexandra Lawn) meander, they at least try something new, hinting that The Orchard might be something of a grower. But as soon as they build momentum with The Orchard's most typically triumphant hook (“Shadowcasting”), the ironically titled “Do You Remember” kicks off a final third that fails to leave any impression.